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Global Sports Medicine Forum


ラグビーワールドカップ2019TM日本大会にあわせ、世界のスポーツ医学をリードする専門家達が来日しトップレベルのスポーツ選手の管理に関する知見を披露。FCバルセロナが誇るバルサ・イノベーションハブの知識・イノベーション部に所属する Dr. Gil Rodas Fontが牽引するチームが筋肉・腱損傷の治療と管理における診断の重要性や選手の復帰に対する影響について講演を行います。さらに、疼痛評価とリハビリテーション管理における超音波の活用で世界的な権威のDr. Iñigo Iriarteが超音波ライブデモを行い、最新の診断手法と高画質画像による可視化について解説します。

Saturday 26 October

Educational Sessions8:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Viewing of RWC 2019 semi-final5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Venue:Toranomon Hills 5F, Tokyo JAPAN





Learn from leading experts responsible for the wellbeing of some of the world’s most famous elite sport professionals, about the latest “return to play” expertise and management, delivered via case study presentations and live scanning demonstrations.

Program Convener:
Prof. Tsukasa Kumai
Faculty of Sport Science
Waseda University
Program Convener:
Dr. Gil Rodas
Barcelona Sports Medicine Physician
Dept of Knowledge & Innovation FC Barcelona, FMCE-FIFA Spain
Director of Sports Medicine Department of Hospital Clínic i Provincial, Barcelona
Dr. Ramon Balius
Diagnostic Imaging & Sports Medicine Specialist.
Sports Catalan Council, Generalitat of Catalonia Clinica Diagonal Barcelona.
Consultant of Watford FC
Dr Sandra Mecho
Assistència Sanitaria Col.legial,
Hospital de Barcelona, Barcelona.
FCB Barcelona Medical Center, Barcelona
Prof. Nicolas Sans
Head of Imaging Dept. University Hospital of Toulouse
Member of the Board, Rugby Club Stade Toulousain
Member of the Medical Committee, Rugby Club Stade Toulousain
Live Ultrasound Scanning & Instruction:
Dr. Iñigo Iriarte
Medical Specialist in Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine.
Professor of Ultrasound of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine.
Director ARS Medical, Bilbao
Consultant of Athletic Bilbao F.C. Medical Services

Program (subject to change)

"The importance of diagnosis in the assessment of muscle & tendon injuries"

The importance of diagnosis in the assessment of muscle & tendon injuriesProf. Tsukasa Kumai
Challenges in managing muscle & tendon injuriesDr. Gill Rodas
Understanding muscle injuries - anatomyDr. Ramon Balius
The role of imaging in diagnosis, management and longer term follow upDr. Sanda Mercho
Muscle & tendon injuries in SoccerDr. Ramon Balus
Live demonstration - ultrasound scanning of muscle & tendon injuries:Part 1Dr. Iñigo Iriatre
Muscle & tendon injuries in RugbyProf. Nicolas Sans
Live demonstration - ultrasound scanning of muscle & tendon injuries:Part 2Dr. Iñigo Iriatre

*Final program will be available by July 30.

Networking opportunity & RWC 2019 Semi Final match viewing

Live match broadcast available following the seminar!!

Viewing of RWC 2019 semi-final
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.